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How are PCD pharma franchises changing the Indian pharmaceutical industry?

The Indian healthcare industry is growing at a very fast pace for the last few years, which is due to the increasing demand for medicines in the Indian market.Ethical pharma franchise is adding one more step to promote the Pharmaceutical Industry. Due to the growing population, the demand for medicines is increasing rapidly.PCD pharma franchise is a type of business segment that creates opportunities for new start-ups as well as the ones who want to invest less and want to do wholesale business in the Pharmaceutical sector.

PCD pharma franchise is providing opportunities that enhance the business and profitability of the franchise owner as well as the marketing company. This provides monopoly rights to the wholesaler due to which no one will be allowed to sell the same brand of medicine in their district. Sometimes when franchise owners perform well and do high sales than they may be given more areas for covering the market due to which they can earn more and their business growth improves.

What is the PCD pharma franchise?

About a decade ago, the PCD pharma franchise has been launched. This was due to the increasing demand for medicines and in order to explore the market, the PCD pharma franchise plays a vital role. Because everyone cannot afford the Ethical business segment because the Pharma companies want the distributor to invest more and are not able to cover the whole market.

Due to the increasing demand for medicines and less supply in the market PCD pharma franchise in Chandigarh plays an important role. One can start his/her business with very less investment only by getting Drug License from the local Drug office. Drug Licenses can only be given to those who have either Pharma qualification or experience like Medical Rep, Doctors, PharmaStockist, etc.

PCD’s full form is Propoganda cum Distribution which means one should be given monopoly rights for the area they are issued. A branded company can provide this type of franchise. This is not compulsory that they have their own manufacturing unit but if the companies have then this makes a very high brand value of that particular company.

Drug authorities’ norms are very strict when it comes to the Pharma sector because medicines are useful for diseases and all types of body-related problems so medicines are to be checked and made as per the set standards of the government and WHO i.e. World Health Organisation.

What is the Scope of doing an Ethical Pharma franchise business in India?

Ethical pharma franchise

PCD’s pharma franchise business has a wide scope when it comes to profit and sales. Because the Drug license holder can invest as per his need and is also flexible to work with any number of companies. Also, they are provided monopoly rights for one or more districts as per dealing with the Franchise seekers. Thousands of companies are providing Pharma franchises throughout the country and everyone is doing good.

Many new companies are starting their Pharma franchise business and getting their products manufactured by some manufacturer but Aspo healthcare is having their own Production unit which is having all quality certifications done. It is a WHO-GMP certified unit which shows that the unit is following all the standardized norms of the government and anyone can get their products manufactured without thinking once.

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